My name is Wade Meszaros I have been a mental health counselor most of my life. I am retired and due to being exposed to toxic emotional situations for 25 years I have ended up on disability. I have played music off and on for 30 years but recently in the past 5 years have gotten more serious with my music and writing. So I decided to venture out and focus on my artistic side. I want to make my music, writing and videos available to everyone. It is why I do not charge very much for the music, books or videos.

I have had wonderful experiences playing and singing at house parties, cafe’s, senior citizen homes, open mikes, jam sessions and church services. I would like to continue providing entertainment and providing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to churches.
I would also like to provide short videos dealing with mental health issues, marital issues, parenting issues and personal issues. These short minuets will hopefully inspire, encourage and most importantly inform the buyer on some knowledge they did not have before.