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  • The Lost Children – I worked with First Nation people for 20 years and this song describes why they are lost
  • Good Times – Sometimes you have one of those days when everything turns out “right”
  • Gotta Help some people – This song identifies a few situations in which people need help and what we do about it
  • Hold On – This is my protest song toward Suicide as there is another way
  • I love You – Always wanted to express how I felt about my true love in a 60’s rock n roll genre
  • It was late at night – Everyone has experienced that “bump in the night” what was that…? For all ages…lol
  • Nursery Rhyme – I wrote this for kids as it was something I grew up with
  • Stanley Park – One of my favourite parks to visit. Located in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Vancouver Bound – I wrote this as a tribute song for Terry Fox and his run across Canada